About Us

Why indelg?

To indelg is to mindfully have something enjoyable whilst giving way to our values, and is usually in service of something that is greater than just ourselves.

The fashion industry and our culture perpetuates the need to constantly purchase new clothes, especially when it comes to special occasions. We’re here to help change that and at the same time, make luxury brands more accessible to more women.

Our goal is to promote a cultural shift and change the narrative by introducing a new way to experience fashion, consuming luxury and feeling beautiful with habits that are less harmful to people and to our planet. While some sustainable practices have gained traction in the fashion industry, they are not yet widespread and we still have a long way to go.

As one of the world’s most polluting industries, we are on a mission to make fashion better, but also make us better by becoming more conscious consumers, one rental and pre-loved item at a time. So let's start indulging less and indelging more.

Our Values

Dare - to be different

If everyone accepts the standards and accessibility to luxury fashion for what it is, then we are not being different. Think carefully about what truly matters, and with that you will dare greatly.

Embrace - sustainable choice

The trick is to appreciate and to cultivate these choices in more and more aspects of life, rather than merely being resigned to it. We can and should operate within planetary boundaries.

Love - always in all ways

We can express love in many different ways, with our choices, action, energy and attention. It is natural yet intentional and we consciously build it in everything we do, even in the way we dress.

Ground - yourself in humility

We are part of the biosphere, the soil, and what better way to stay grounded than with humility? We aim for the stars, but let’s always stay connected to our source, our earth, our home.

Letter from the Founder

After 5 years of being away from London and in the midst of a pandemic, I decided to temporarily relocate. Being there reconnected me to a space and time when I was pursuing a degree in Fashion, a free-spirited student filled with a deep-down-to-the-core desire to play an influential role in the industry.

Do you have any idea how much more inviting the shopping experience at Selfridges, Carnaby, Dover Street Market (the list goes on) can be when it’s just you and barely 10 other customers for as far as the eye can see? Need I mention the flat I rented just happened to magically have a walk-in closet? This is London we’re talking about. 

I repeatedly splurged for “special occasions” sponsored by COVID; some of which I rocked, many of which I ditched and most of which I imagined in my mind - a very special talent of mine. The fact that I was there for three seasons didn’t help my cause, but it certainly doesn’t justify it. 

Truth be told, there was an absolutely gorgeous rental section at Selfridges that I would walk right by. every. single. time. Four suitcases, a couple of cargo boxes and a reality cheque later, I’m going back home to Qatar writing this letter and filled with a reignited, but also evolved desire. At least now it’s powered by values. 

Maybe you can relate to this a little or not at all, but this is my version of daring to do things differently. This is just the start of embracing more sustainable choices. Let’s paint a brighter future that’s grounded in humility. 

Love always in all ways,