How it Works

First Things First

First Things First

Make sure you’re aware and familiar with Terms & Conditions of the indelg Renter Agreement Form.



Let us help you find what you’re looking for and then choose your rental duration: 4, 8 or 14 days.



Pay a deposit of QAR 350 along with the rental duration term you want, and the item can leave with you!



Rental complete? Return the item at the end of your agreed date and get your deposit back!

FAQ For Renter

Indelg offers you to rent item(s) for 4, 8 or 14 days. Each rental duration has a fixed price for each item. Anything more than 14 days will require special approval.

If you would like to return the item(s) before your paid rental duration is over, then that’s okay, but you will not be reimbursed any additional amount, apart from the deposit of QAR 350 as long as it was returned in the same condition it was taken.  

You may only tailor the item(s) using our in-house seamstress available upon request at our space at Salam, The Gate Mall. Minor alterations are permitted. However, we may not make changes that will drastically change the characteristics of the item(s).

Please allow a minimum of 2 days for the seamstress to complete what is needed.

Yes, the price for buying the item is available upon request. Kindly note we do not offer exchanges or refunds for rentals or purchases. The sale is final.

You would still need to pay the full amount of the item’s selling price.

You will automatically lose the deposit of QAR 350 for that extra day. If you exceed that, then you will have to pay the difference for the next rental duration up. For example, if you took a dress for 8 days, but returned it after 10 days, you will lose the deposit and will have to pay the difference of price between the 8 days rental duration and the 14 days rental duration.

The deposit of QAR 350 is there to fix reversible damages. These include broken zippers, removable stains, opening of the hem etc. However, if the damages are non-reversible such as burns, permanent stains etc. then you are contractually obliged to pay the original retail price of the item(s) shared by the team.

For more information and details on the terms & conditions of renting, please refer to the indelg Renter Agreement Form.

Feel free to message us on our WhatsApp Number +974 70116473 and we will be happy to support you.


FAQ for Lender

No we do not buy the item(s) from you. You can consign them with indelg for free, so they are available for other women to rent or buy and you will receive a profit share. It’s one way you can declutter your closet and put them to good use!

Anything that can be classified for special occasions, daytime or nighttime would work. This includes gowns, maxi dresses, midi dresses, mini dresses, jumpsuits or co-ords.  

Some tips to keep in mind:

Avoid giving over something sentimental, or something you still want to wear in the near future.

The clothes should be from mid to high-end designer names and brands. Please avoid fast fashion names such as Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, BCBG etc. Check out our designer portfolio to get a better understanding.

Must be in very good to excellent condition with no signs or very minimal signs of wear & tear.

The best option is to share pictures with us via WhatsApp, or alternatively, we can send a driver to collect the item(s) and then we will return anything we believe would not work.

Absolutely. We’re happy to keep them for as long as possible, but if after a couple of months you haven’t been receiving any profit share, it means there hasn’t been any activity with your item(s). You can request them to be returned to you by writing to the team on the WhatsApp number and specifying which item(s).

Kindly allow 48 hours before you receive the item(s).

There are a lot of factors that include but not limited to, the brand, the color, the style whether it’s vintage, old, relatively new, or never been worn. We also take into consideration
availability of similar item(s) or styles as well as color and sizing.

We disburse the amount(s) due to all our lenders every two months, either by delivering the cash or by bank transfer from our corporate bank account.

It could take a maximum of two months. After that, we can guarantee that your item(s) will be displayed in our space at Salam.

For more information and details on the terms & conditions of lending, please refer to the indelg Participation Agreement Form.

Feel free to message us on our WhatsApp Number +974 70116473 and we will be happy to support you.